Cucumber | The Wonderful Benefits for Skin and The Body

The cucumber is an annual plant that belongs to vegetables. The fruit is cylindrical, hard, the length of the cucumber is from 7cm to 60cm. Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals. They’re very common in various diets because they have only 9.7 calories. The basic composition of cucumber is water, water in cucumber is about 97%. The root of the cucumber is very small and you can find it almost on the surface of the earth (10cm to 20cm). The creeping stem is branched and how it grows depends on the type of cucumber.

Cucumber originates from India and has been grown for over 3000 years. I know that the Romans brought it to Europe. In French books, it’s written that it was used in the 9th century. When touching the stem you ought to be careful because the stem is covered with thorns. The plant thus protects itself from the snails that try to feed on it. The stem develops flowers over time and the yield depends on these flowers. That is, if there are more female flowers, there’ll be more fruits. Cucumber does not like heat. It likes mild climates, temperatures from 18 to 21°C with a lot of humidity in the air, even about 85%-90% humidity. As for the soil, the soil must be moist up to 70%  (about 45-751 of water/ m2) for 1 month of growing cucumbers. The cucumber is one of the healthiest food on the planet.

Thistle is rich in vitamins C and B and contains carotene, while mineral minerals calcium contain phosphorus, potassium, iron, manganese, iodine, sodium and potassium. Importantly, it got no cholesterol and fat, our body needs water, and cucumber is rich in water so we need to consume as much as possible.

What are the wonderful benefits our organism has from a cucumber?

1.If we regularly consume cucumbers we’ll reduce the possibility of memory loss. The organic compound in the cucumber keeps brain cells healthy. Cucumber contains fisetin and phosphorus which helps in better brain function and reduction of neurological diseases. So if you consume cucumber you help yourself with concentration and memory every day.

2.Another important benefit of consuming cucumber is that eating cucumber reduces the possibility of prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterus. It contains polyphenols(lignans) that can reduce the incidence of diseases.

3. I recommend cucumbers to people who have blood problems, pressure (this is due to the potassium in this plant) and I recommend it to people with diabetes because it has a hormone that is needed by pancreatic cells to produce insulin.

4.We have already mentioned that cucumber has phosphorus on the body. So another tip to bring you, namely phosphorus restores hormonal balance in the body. To help the glands produce hormones and realise hormones.

5. It is a natural remedy against allergies, so people who are prone to allergies are often prescribed and introduced into the diet. Has this role of a natural remedy thanks to the antioxidants it has. It is important to note that cucumber also contains flavonoids. Of all those flavonoids, quercetin has a role to release histamine and is, therefore, an anti-allergy drug.

6.By consuming cucumber you can help yourself with oral hygiene. If you regulate eat cucumber (cucumber is rich in calcium) and brush your teeth you can greatly reduce the unpleasant breath caused by bacteria in the oral cavity. So if you have a problem with bad breath, cucumber can help you to suppress that bad breath by chewing one roll of cucumber for a few seconds. You can repeat this procedure every time you need it.

7. If we live in the sunnier part of the world and sweat a lot. Then potassium leaves our body quickly, so we need to make up for that mineral. As we mentioned above, cucumber contains potassium, so if we are able to consume that vegetable on summer days, we will naturally replenish that mineral. In addition to the potassium of vision that cucumber has. it can also help us on hot days to dehydrate our body.

8. Cucumber is used in skin preparations. In beauty salons, cucumber is widely used, especial on facial skin. Mineral salts in cucumber act as skin cleansers. I recommend to cut the cucumber into rings and arrange it on the face. So the toy will naturally get clean hydrated and cleansed skin. If you have under eyes and use all sorts of chemicals to remove them but you fail you can try a natural moisturizer.

  • You need to cut a slice of a cucumber and put it on your eyes for 20-40 minutes in the morning.  Your eyes will get the necessary hydration and eyelids will instantly recede. You can use this method every single morning when you wake up.
  • In the case you are impatient and can not wait and sit still, then you can grate half a cucumber and leave it to stand at room temperature for 15 minutes and pick up the water released by the cucumber from the cotton pads and put the soaked cotton pads on the eyes, so instantly and naturally your help to remove the underpants from your face.

9.Cucumber because of its minerals and vitamins has very good help in hair growth. This preparation is very easy to make. For one-time wash hair with this natural preparation. You will need 2 larger cucumbers and grate them, strain them and squeeze the cucumber juice. And when washing your hair wash it with water and cucumber juice. This way you will get strong and shiny hair. So if you want to temporarily prevent hair loss and the appearance of grey hair. We recommend consuming cucumber as well as for external daily use.

10.Consuming regular cucumber can also relieve stress because it contains vitamin B (beta, B1, B5, B7) and those vitamins help reduce anxiety, nervousness and fear.

11.Cucumber can help and make your digestion work better. One cucumber can alleviate the secretion of acid in the stomach. But be careful when consuming it because if you eat it in the evening it can make you restless.

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