About me!

Hello, my names Jv Jenny! In my blogs you’ll find amazing facts about how to get a healthier lifestyle and learn about things you never heard of. My hobbies are reading 📕📕, writing ✍, making nails 😊💅, drawing/colouring 🎨🖼 and going on long walks and listening to violin 🎻. I love ice-cream (VEGAN AND IN SUMMER), salads, from drinks smoothies (u’ll learn about some in this blog 😉), juices (no consentrates, additives, ect. and organic). My favorite sports are jogging, training, ballet and dance. I’m open to all aspects of life and a healthy lifestyle. I’m very kind, sweet and caring. I look foward to learning new things too! Now I’ll see you in our blogs! Bye!! 👋👋👋👋👋

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