The Best Of Fresh Milk | Calcium And Vitamins

Everything that you need to know about fresh milk

Tasty milk is a source of biologically valuable proteins. It has water and it contains B-group vitamins, especially B2 and B12, and vitamin A, D, E, and very little vitamin C are present in smaller quantities. Also, it is a source of calcium and phosphorus, which are in the most favourable ratio. Fresh milk is a source of calcium and phosphorus, which are in the most favourable ratio. So contains milk sugar-lactose and fresh milk fat that is easy to digest.

Casein is found in fresh milk in dissolved form. This does not change during heat treatment (pasteurization, sterilization and cooking). When curdling milk, this complex is disrupted and a casein clot of milk is created. Lactoglobulin is similar to blood serum albumin and has immune properties. Immunoglobulins stop the development of bacteria in fresh milk for some time after milking or reduce the number of bacteria in it.
Contains little iron and little vitamins C, D and K. Because of that reason, it should be combined with other foods of animal and plant origin.
Fresh milk has a sweet taste due to lactose.

Thanks to its high protein content, milk satisfies the feeling of thirst. Just one cup of milk contains 30 per cent of the daily needs of calcium, a mineral that builds and keeps bones and teeth strong. Children should drink one litre of milk because this is very important for their teeth, bones and also growth. Pregnant women need to drink a lot of milk the same as children. Read more on this link about the healthiest food on the planet.

Chochomilk with cocoa

– 3.cups of fresh milk

– 2.tablespoons cocoa powder

– 2.tablespoons powdered sugar

– ½teaspoons of vanilla


1. Pour the milk full of calcium into a blender. Add cocoa, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Blend all ingredients until completely combined, about 30 seconds.
2. Store in the refrigerator covered as much as you store plain milk.

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