4. The Best Forest Fruits | Make A Smart Choice

Forest healthy fruits help the human body in many ways.

4. The Best Forest Fruits >>

1.Wild strawberry

Has a stronger antioxidant potential and fresh forest healthy fruits contain flavones, organic acids, vitamin C and minerals. If you have problems with the stomach. You can eat wild strawberry so you can stop diarrhoea.  To strengthen the body improve digestion and excretion of water from the body for colds and sore throats, to strengthen the gums. You can use it to prepare a diet for weight loss.Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training


The blueberries belong to the group of forest healthy fruits. The flowers are hermaphroditic, that is, they contain both pistil and anthers. Male and female organs needed for reproduction can pollinate themselves. Those are small perennial shrub that can grow and bear fruit for about 15 years. The fruit is a blue-black bean, juicy and with many seeds. Blueberry loves acidic soil and it can grow at altitudes and over 2000 meters.
People from mountainous areas use it a lot to make marmalade teas and juices. Blueberry fruits are very nutritious because they are rich in iron and vitamins. Some of these vitamins are vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium. Also, blueberries contain a high percentage of fibre. And thus have a positive effect on quality digestion and reducing the risk of intestinal diseases.


Blackberry is a small grain fruit and in fact, it is a superior food, primarily due to the content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre. If you want to stay healthy you need healthy eating.  Or if you like more knowledge about The healthiest food on the planet read here.

Those forest healthy fruits help the human body in many ways. A handful full of blackberries will find about 8 grams of fibre. And in 25 grams of whole grains but the recommended daily is only 4 grams. In addition to being good for digestion and weight maintenance. Fibre helps lower and maintain cholesterol. Vitamins C and K and the mineral manganese in blackberries have positive effects on bones. 100g of blackberries contains 19.8mcg of vitamin K. This is 25% of the recommended daily requirement for men and women. Vitamin C accelerates the synthesis of collagen a protein in bone tissue. Manganese also stimulates collagen production and activates enzymes and these are important for bone development. Stay health and fit.


Raspberry is a plant native to Asia. This plant has been known since ancient times. It is believed to have healing properties and it contains essential acids and slows down ageing. People are also believed that beautifying the complexion strengthens the hair and strengthens the immune system. It also prevents the spread of cancer cells. The vitamins it contains are K, E5, magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and folic acid.

Eat a lot of fresh forest healthy fruits because we all want a healthy and long life.



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