Is Coffee Healthy Or Harmful | Learn More About Coffee

Since we were informed in the last blog about the most famous types of coffee (you can read more about it on this link). We all asked ourselves once if the coffee was healthy or harmful to our health or not.

Namely, the coffee plant as we know it contains caffeine. The place produces caffeine for a reason to protect itself from certain bugs and insects. Because it kills insects with its caffeine, people think that it is not healthy to consume.

Therefore, we can also read various statements and information about the harmful effects or the health benefits of coffee.

I will use my personal experience and research on coffee. So keep in mind that I am limited by my own experience and my personal research.

First I will write what coffee is good for and what are the positive sides of it.


A large population of people consume coffee, but how much coffee do you drink per day? If you make coffee the way that I have written to you in the other blog, there is a high possibility that you are drinking healthy water. Coffee without additives can help you stay healthy. Sugar-free coffee without milk, chocolate or cream and in moderation consumption can reduce the risk of getting the three basic diseases of today.

We are already familiar with the basic ingredients of coffee and that is caffeine. Namely, what does it do and how does it affect human health? Caffeine with antioxidants in the human body reduces the risk of getting it,

1. Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease,

2. Reduces the chance of getting type 2 diabetes,

3. Promotes proper liver function.

Increases bile production from the liver. The giraffe taste of coffee, as well as certain teas and foods, come from a group of antioxidants with more than 70 phenolic substances called chlorogenic acids. Those bitter substances are essential for the liver to boost bile production.

We know that bile is a storehouse for toxic substance in the body. And our liver uses bile for the task of collecting impurities such as heavy metals, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. In that way, they are isolated, and the bile that moves through the digestive system tract expels them from the body. By the way, fibre, chlorophyll, activated carbon and clay, which are often used in the absorption of toxins that pass through the digestive tract together with the bile, have a similar function. Bile also helps us by breaking down fats and oils before they enter the bloodstream and thus improving blood sugar regulation. So if we drink coffee in the right way we can help our body.


But if we drink too much coffee we can do more harm than good to our health. Some of the harmful consequences can be insomnia adrenaline fatigue feelings of lethargy in the early hours. Poor spleen function, nervousness due to nervous exhaustion as a result of consumed electrolytes. Excessive coffee consumption can lead to long term deterioration of vitality. The same unwanted effect can have erosions of mental clarity and memory. There is also accelerated ageing-the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Due to excessive acidity in the small intestine, the acidity of coffee can cause loss of probiotics in the intestines as well as increased swelling and inflammation. Mainly due to sugar carbohydrates consumed with coffee, we can cause digestive disorders. Overgrowth of fungi. Until hormone deregulation increased sexual appetite is due to adrenaline harmony of the function that coffee has.

These are just some of the side effects of consuming too much coffee.

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