Workout tips

You should really start to work out at home. It is very healthy and good for you. How about some tips for a normal home workout.

  • Always warm up before a workout. This is surprisingly the most important part of training. Why? Because it warms up your muscles so there is less of a chance to pull a muscle or get injured. You could by jogging and then leg, arm and head rotation.
  • Always stay on the same diet. Also, have a healthy diet. That does NOT mean eating salad all day and every day. It meant eating the right portion of every type of food. Do not eat a lot of junk food or else you will regain that body fat over again and it will seem as it does not work for you. It is most probably because you are eating wrongly. Also do not forget to eat some protein bar. Here you can faund how to prepere healthy plate.
  • Do not starve yourself. Some people think that tho lose weight they need to starve themselves. This is NOT the solution. Eat whenever you need to but do not eat too much. Also do not eat or drink too much before and during training.
  • Do not start off with exercises that are too hard for you. You may start off with lifting light weights and then slowly start to tune your workout more. You will notice improvement, and when you do, continue to tune up your workout. Never start off with something you can not do. These are all of my tips. I hope they were helpful.
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