Is Corn Healthy For Our Body | Benefit for Health

The origin of this cereal has been known for many years all the way to ancient times. It was used and cultivated in Mexico, and then production was extended to the whole world. We can prepare it cooked, baked, roasted or grounded into flour. Corn is a healthy cereal that has a large share in the health of our body.

It contains fibre, vitamins, minerals, fats, sugar, carbohydrates, proteins.

Our body needs fibre and many nutritionists recommend fibre ought to be consumed in every meal. Fibre, especially plants fibres help the intestines to be free of bacteria. Intestinal cysts normalize the intestinal microflora, and corn has in 100g about 2,4 g conducted. According to the research in the Nutrition Laboratory. Vitamins and minerals are widely present in this cereal, some of the vitamins are A, K1, E. And a lot of B group vitamins (such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9), beta carotene. Also magnesium, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, selenium, sodium.

Corn also contains fat, as well as a slightly lower amount of sugar, if we eat a portion of 100g of corn, our body will get about 3.26g of protein.

Unlike other cereals such as rye, wheat, rice, oat the energy value is about to 86 kcal.

Which is the lowest energy value of cereals, which of course isn’t enough if you train.

Is Corn Healthy For Our Body | Benefit for Health

Its benefits for our body are great, if we consume it we can reduce the risks of disease, anaemia, bronchitis, depression, infertility, vascular disease, osteoporosis, rheumatism, loss of appetite, heart disease. In his Benefit composition included bladder problems, urinary pathways, cholesterol and kidneys. We’ll get a better memory. With benefit, it’s important to suggest that it can be consumed by people with diabetes, because its fibres regulate blood sugar levels.

The antioxidant effect of corn is very magnificent for the body, but corn also has its negative side and disadvantages. When consuming, it’s recommended to consume other foods and not to eat alone, it could cause diarrhoea ’cause of this.

Note, corn is food on the allergies list, so those who are allergic to corn must be careful.


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