The Best From Powerful Vitamins D | Immune System

If you want your immune system to be at its peak, then you must also have a Vitamin D of 50 ng/ml in your blood.

Epidemic The Virus COVID-19

An epidemic is a sudden increase in cases of infectious disease in the human population. An epidemic of infectious disease that has caused an increased number of illnesses or many deaths has then a special branch of medicine deals with such cases of the epidemic.

Throughout history, there have been many epidemics that have taken up a large number of human lives. Infection is a term the denotes the active or passive intrusion of pathogenic microorganisms into the body of a microorganism.

The symptoms associated with the infection are called infectious diseases. When the infection does not cause symptoms, it is called asymptomatic infection.

Many of us eat fast food and live a very unhealthy life. If we change that and add enough minerals, vitamins and water to our diet, it would strengthen our immunity and reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

The Best From Powerful Vitamins D | Immune System

Of course, vitamin D also plays a big role here.

We already know that Covid 19 affects people who have a weaker immune system. It has been checked that people who have a stronger immune system have 50-80 ng/ml in their blood. The immune system and Vitamin D in the blood have a very close relationship. People who died from the new Covid 19 virus had very low levels of vitamin in their blood below 15 ng/ml.

If you want your immune system to be at its peak, then you must also have a Vitamin D of 50 ng/ml in your blood.

In the past, people who have the flu were exposed to the sun because they believed that the sun could heal them. Some advice that doctors could give to the population was to wear multi-layered masks over the nose and mouth. Which was not of much use as it was a viral rather than a bacterial infection. Of course, the medical staff was also susceptible to the flu.

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Interestingly, some doctors believed that suffers should refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages. Others suggested al ancient cure for all diseases including fear. Strong drinks. Others recommended half a bottle of light wine a day smoking is to worsen symptoms.

Today we are familiar with the immune system and we know much more about viruses and we must dedicate ourselves to a healthier lifestyle. Stress-free and with music and relaxation and a healthy diet can strengthen our immune systems we can defend ourselves better from any disease and virus.

The Best From Powerful Vitamins D

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On the end

Vitamin D can help us Defend Against The Virus COVID-19.



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