Face Mask Easy To Make | You Will Look Younger

We all know that women from the east are very beautiful. Namely, the secret lies in their special diet. They choose healthy foods carefully. To have a healthy life and beautiful skin. Women from the east are also more long-lived. Their diet consists of a lot of carbohydrate intake without fat. This includes the daily consumption of rice with various additives, dried fish, seafood, fish meat. Usually, eat very small portions and between each portion, they practice consuming dairy and fruit products.

Japanese Face Mask

As for drinks, they drink most water. Water is health we all know. In Japan, there are over 61,000 old people over 100 years old. They say that water can also affect the cure of certain diseases. More on that on the following posts.

Easy To Make

You, Will, Look Younger

The mask is very easy to make and is applied 2 times a day in the morning and the evening. You can look video and see what I have prepared for you. For a Japanese mask, you need 3 ingredients. Rice, honey and milk. 2 tablespoons of rice need to be washed first. When washed, put in a special bowl to boil with 400 ml of water, the water will slowly evaporate. And if you need more water to cover your rice. Cook slowly on low heat. When its almost done, it is necessary to drain the rice. Cool water you squeeze out. When it is completely cold, you need to add 1 tablespoon of honey. Then 1 tablespoon of lukewarm milk. Mix these ingredients and you can store the mask in the fridge and you can apply it to your face and keep it on for half an hour. Then rinse with cold water. You will look younger after this treatment.


While you wait for your skin to feed, you can also listen to your favourite music and so you will relax at the beginning of the day and relax in the evening after a hard day at work and relieve stress.

If you try this face mask, you will notice that after a few days your wrinkles will decrease. Namely, if you continue to use it, you will look up to 10 years younger. With this treatment, you will need to avoid direct contact with sunlight to keep your skin transparent and soft. And your wrinkles and blemishes on your face will be greatly decreased. I recommend this mask to everyone except for people that are allergic to honey. Add this cup of coffee to your favourite tea under your finger.



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