Healthy Benefit From Amazing And The Best Exercises Yoga

Nowadays, it hides a lot of workloads both at work and at home. We can reduce this workload in many ways if we take care of ourselves. You can use music therapy, you can read more about it on this link Music Therapy. How to smile affects us stress you can find something more on this link Smile just Smile. Many started practising yoga. Do you know what is a yoga and what you will have From Amazing And The Best Exercises Yoga?

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Yoga is the science of body, mind and spirit.

Health Benefits from amazing exercises Yoga

If you practice yoga you can to reduce stress levels and relax your body and mind. And gives the body more energy, and helping to make you look younger and your face and skin fresher.

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Yoga is the science of body, mind and spirit. Mind and spirit develop through mental exercises. These exercises are encouraged by meditation, proper breathing and concentration exercises. While the body can be brought to perfection with physical exercises. But if we practise yoga properly, we can improve circulation, resistance to diseases, we will increase the elasticity, increase the strength of the whole organism.

Many people suffer from spinal cramps, if you have problems with this, I recommend yoga. Yoga during exercise can increase the elasticity of the spine by 90%. Through another technique, when inhaling air, the lungs expand and oxygen is taken up. Thus, we activate inactive breast muscles that we do not usually use.

Healthy Benefit And The Best Exercises Yoga

Yoga was invented by Indian sages many thousands of years ago and passed down to the next generations. These sages wanted to help people without the use of drugs. Yoga needs to be practised properly. No need to exaggerate. If you expect to reach your goal (whatever it is) in 1 week or a month it will not be possible. But if make equality between body and spirit, then the results will come by themselves.

That secret of the biological clock backwards lies in performing warm-up exercise body, lengthen and strengthen muscles and spine, stimulate circulation and increase levels of energy. In addition, yogic exercises, balance the endocrine and nervous systems, results in slowing down ageing. By connecting deep breathing and movement, which in yoga is called Vinyasa, blood warms up, cleanses the body from toxins and becomes more flexible, stronger, and more beautiful on the outside and within.

Try the following yoga Exercise, Health Benefits

Balasana(Position of the child) position by sitting with a large breath, raise your arms above your head. Then, with your exhale, lower yourself into a forward bend and extend your arms. Spread your knees a little more to lower your belly as much as possible. Close your eyes and soften your entire spine.

Garudasana (Eagle position) switch to the bent leg right over left, intertwine your arms so that the left is above the right and connect your palms. With the inhale, rise towards the ceiling and with the exhale, rise a little lower. You will feel the need to stretch yourself in your shoulder blades. Slowly untangle the position. Then switch your left leg over your right and intertwine your arms so that your right is above your left. Stay in the position for at least 5 seconds, inhale and exhale. This asana builds strength, increases energy and improves concentration and contributes.

Viparita Karani  (Shoulder on Shoulders)for starters, lie on your back and feel the mat underneath yourself. With the next breath, lift your legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Exhale to the end, then lift with the inhale legs and whole torso into a candle, bend the elbow and the pelvis into the palms. The elbows and upper arms are parallel

Adho Muka Svedisana (Dog looking down) is positioned that require you to lean on your arms, keep your head down from the heart while standing on your foot.

Greeting to the Sun (Surja Namaskara)More about this in the following blog.

The extension (Back bands) during this exercise we stretch the abdomen, chest and hips and we need to achieve composure and security. This exercise warms the body and raises energy.

Arm support This exercise is for something more experienced and those who constantly practice Yoga. It is standing on the arms with the gaze raised to the right in front of you and the legs are gathered at the knee.

Twist, this exercise stimulates the kidneys and liver. At the same time, it makes the spine flexible.

Forward bends this exercise stretches the entire back of the body and tends to relax the muscles of the entire back, starting with the sheets, the muscle of the back, the muscles of the pelvis, and the back.

Hip openers this exercise is practised by sitting on the floor and spread your legs and arms.

Inversion with this the best yoga exercise everything looks upside down because the whole part of the body leans on the head and lift up with the support of arms.

If you practice yoga you need to drink water and eat healthy food. Then you will complete your body and spirit.

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