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Healthy eating

The term healthy eating is so consumed and so many times uttered in a variety of contexts that one no longer knows what it exactly means. When you ask someone what healthy food is, he would say to eat fruits and vegetables. Others would say that it is the use of only organic foods.  I will try to direct you to think about the meaning of food and nutrition itself.

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Without food, we cannot survive.

That is why food should be seen as a necessity and not as a pleasure, I know it is much harder to say, but again it is worth trying.

All excess food that we take into the body. Excess energy will be sorted in the form of fat and sugar. Gradually, that will lead to obesity, and obesity is not pleasant even for a healthy person, least of all for an asthmatic. With increasing body weight, the need for oxygen increases, muscle tone increases, the heart beats faster, and the most annoying thing is that the fat in the abdomen raises the diaphragm and makes breathing difficult. You should eat slowly during meals because that way the stomach gradually fills up and evenly sends signals to the brain whether you are full or not.

Everyone should turn to their needs first.

The worst part is that we have lost the ability to listen to our body. I honestly think that vegetarians are wrong, but at the same time, people who eat too much meat are also wrong. Proper nutrition is one in which we eat a balanced amount of every food, not too much of a specific food. Vegetables, fruits and meat are the things that the people we were in the past grew from healthy eating.

The Best Way How To Choose Healthy Food

Food pyramid

Each food pyramid clearly shows that eating is varied. Each meal should contain the most foods that are rich in:

carbohydrates (sugar 55%),

proteins (30%)

and fats (at least 5-15% but a lesser amount is recommended).

Everything is important to take in vitamins (plenty of fruits and vegetables, Apple, Carrots, forest fruits) also the body needs proteins to build and regenerate. Fats are also very important. Without them, many hormones cannot be synthesized: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone. All this show that the human body needs a varied amount of food.

In addition to all this, it is very important to engage in physical activity (Yoga) or a walk by the sea. I think that should choose what suits them and start helping themselves and their body. After a while, we will be satisfied by the success “it is easier to prevent than to cure”.


Take care of your health.


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